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That’s my youngest, Mark, an officer with the NYPD. I’m extremely proud of him. That photo was lifted from a New York Daily News article that reported on Mark’s role in collaring an armed kidnapper after chasing him through alleys and up eight flights of a fire escape on the upper west side of manhattan.

Mark is married to another officer, Sara (ne Moran – the real Jimmy Moran’s daughter). I am equally proud of her. They both assist their brothers and sisters in Blue to help keep the residents of New York City safe. God protect them both, and all of the other officers and first responders.

Mark is the Goldilocks child in the three of our children. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

He has a great sense of humor. Loves to break my balls. Does so at every opportunity.

A real Wise Ass.

Recently suggested I look like Poppa Smurf. Prick.

He and his darling and beautiful wife also shepherd bees on their upstate property to insure that they have a healthy and safe place to prosper. Their wards keep our plants growing and make the world a better place. You can check out and purchase some of their wonderful, healthy and delicious products here:

Mark was the only child I was able to actually be present for during his delivery. My vantage point was sitting beside the upper torso and head of my lovely and awesome wife Lisa, who delivered the goods. She maintained control of the situation on the operating table while looking like the scarecrow after the flying monkeys trashed his lower body. The whole process resembled a bunch of garage mechanics working on the front end of a car, tossing bits and pieces aside until one of them lifted the the carburator out from under the hood with a resounding “Voila!”

Bastard that I am, I completely forgot about Lisa that morning once they handed me Mark. Sorry honey.

Mark was a wonderful kid. A lot of fun. A brilliant student and gifted athlete.

Went to great schools, made his parents proud.

He adored his older siblings. Hung out with awesome friends.

Ended up in a documentary about the C-Rock in Manhattan. Fearless.

And, as I mentioned, married a wonderful girl from a Blue Blood family.

They have the coolest fur family, Jax & Ella, my fur grandpups. Frenchies.

J&E have their own Instagram website:

They are a book series waiting to be written.

When the time comes, Mark will have a lot of cool stories to tell.

A life well lived.

Happy Birthday Mark. Mom and I love you dearly.

Stay safe. You too Sara. We love you as well. Say hi to Jimmy, Liz, Dana, Kevin and Brooklyn.

Well, I need to shift back into reality.

A kitty to cuddle, rounds to make, a dreadmill to challenge.

And it’s snowing again.

But that’s okay, because, if I do nothing else in this life, I sired three wonderful kids.

And that makes me happy.

Now you fine, five readers get on with your Thurday.

Friday is standing right behind. Waiting.

So let’s make today a great one.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my niece Kathleen, who, strangely enough, also comes from a Moran family line.

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  1. My pride and joy knuckle head didn’t sign the release so wasn’t seen in doc. But still enjoyed his jump. No evidence. Glad they all survived teen years.

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