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Happy Birthday Kyle Dooley – Thank You Andrea Couture, Good Luck With Your Book

Anyone who has been following my blog knows of my friend Kyle Dooley. We met at Mike O’Shay’s the night I did a reading there to help support the Longmont Theatre last year. He then began reading the copies of The Claire Trilogy up on the Mike O’Shay Literary Bookshelf, and became the instant expert in everything Claire related. He knows my books so well, that I ran Finding Jimmy Moran past him just to make sure I stayed within the narrative universe I had created. In fact, I made him the Hell’s Kitchen bartender character in the cross-over chapter of FJM.

Well, yesterday, some of Kyle’s friends and family held a party for his 60th Birthday at MOS. Of course, Lisa and I were there to wish him well. Everyone had a wonderful time. Great friends, great family.

The event was orchestrated by Kyle’s friend, Cyndi, who also snapped these photos.

Kyle and his dad, Bob.

Kyle and his mom, Lucena.
Kyle and his daughter, Hanna-Jo.
And finally, me and Cyndi’s man, Kirt deeply engaged in a discussion about energy and vortexes.

My kind of guy.

And now I just got a photo of Cyndi, sent in by Kyle’s Mom, Lucena. Thank you Lucena.

This is not the family photo I referenced earlier but will post it if I ever receive it.

Thank you Cyndi for your photos and for hosting the wonderful time at Kyle’s party.

Happy Birthday Kyle. You rock!

While I was at MOS, Lonnie Bell told me that he had received another inscribed book for the shelf. Andrea Couture had sent an inscribed copy of her debut book, Embracing What Remains, to MOS. Lonnie was thrilled.

And we, the others on the shelf, are honored by this addition.

But the icing on the cake was that Andrea was kind enough to include a second inscribed copy for me.

Not for nothing, but this is the first time I have ever received mail at MOS. I guess that makes it official. I am now a fixture. Like Norm from Cheers.

Thank you Andrea. I am thrilled by the book and touched by your inscription.

Given the importance if the subject matter, the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on a brilliant mind, I’m nine parts fascinated and one part frightful, of tackling it.

Thank you for sending it. I hope you sell millions of copies.

Well, that’s it for this morning.

Have lots to do this Monday.

You fine, five readers have that second cuppa and take on the week.

Happy Presidents Day to all of my US friends and Happy Family Day to my Canadian cousins.

Time to kitty cuddle make rounds and inflict self torture.

But the rest of you, make today a great one.

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  1. Tom,
    Nice to see that you do get out every so often..
    A great way to spend a Sunday while getting mail in a bar and celebrating a friends birthday……
    Have a great day…. you haven’t aged since your 68th birthday this past November !!!

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