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Go Tell It On The Mountain

Yesterday, I did what I never like to do. I ventured into the Colorado Mountains.

I didn’t realize it at first, but I was summoned there telepathically by an alien creature that is my daughter, Jackie’s, familiar, named Floki.

Floki had a very important message for me, but I am alien-bound to maintain its secrecy for at least another 24 hours.

In the meantime, Lisa and I got to hang around with Jackie, Zach and Lucian at the Fairy Godmothers’ ski chalet in Breckenridge.

Jackie, Zach and Lucian are avid snowboarders. They love the snow and the mountains and everything Christmassy. They are vacationing in Breck for two weeks. Their lives in Atlanta are so busy all year long that they really look forward to their time in the mountain tops. God bless them.

Indeed, they could easily man the wall for the Black Watch in GOT.

I’m not bragging but Jackie could whip Brienne of Tarth’s ass.

In fact, the young trio headed off to another mountain, Keystone, as soon as we hit the road to head home. They sent us those photos while we were navigating the treacherous highway back through the mountains.

Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry!

Keystone was celebrating a post COVID reimagining which included night snow boarding, fireworks and a giant snow castle for the kids to enjoy.

But before that happened, we got to hang all together in the Chalet and have breakfast with them and their awesome dogs and familiar, Floki. Jackie made me the most delicious pancakes and latte. And that was delightful.

Lisa got to play chess and Scabble with Lucian.

They both cheated and finally called a truce.

That’s Lucian’s inscribed copy of FJM face down on the table. Won’t find any recognizable scrabble words there that can be played in polite company. Is there an R-rated scrabble game?

I then got to spend some quality time laughing my ass off while watching Family Guy and What We Do In The Shadows with Lucian. The boy has excellent taste in irreverent humor. Definitely a McCaffrey gene.

So after six hours of great fun, food and conversation with that legacy branch of my family tree, Lisa gave the hi sign to this Family Guy that it was time to leave before darkness settled upon the mountain range paralyzing me with acrophobically induced vertigo that would have made my driving back home through those mountains nearly impossible, and quite exciting.

She is a wise woman.

But before we were booted off the mountain, we did stop and snap some great photos on the Chalet deck.

I’m beginning to look like one of my gnomes.

Anyway, three hours later, we pulled into our driveway and had to rush to attend to our indoor and outdoor fur family members, who were impatiently waiting for their dinner.

Alls well that ends well, and maybe next time the mountain will come to Mohammed.

Before this King Gnome may dream of a next time, I have chores to deal with today.

But first a kitty cuddle, my rounds and that damn treadmill.

You fine, five readers wrap those final presents and put them under the tree.

Then put your feet up and relax. You have earned it.

And let me share with you my most heartfelt wishes that tomorrow is truly magical for you all.

May all of your Christmas wishes come true.

Have a great day.

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  1. Merry Christmas Tom. I was happy to read that you made the trip safely both up and back. I’m not a fan of driving mountain roads.
    What a blessing for you to spend the day with family.

  2. Thank you Anna. I am always happy to be back in the flatlands. But I do love the natural barriers the mountains present to any Zombie horde that might make their way in from the Coast. And thank you Renee, they are a great next generation or two, and yes, I agree that a Floki character should make his way into the next installment. He would work puurrrrrrfectly.

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