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Follow Your Gut – Good Luck Madi Droz

Love reading my Horoscopes. Get my daily dose in a daily email from this source:

Have to say, it’s been amazingly accurate.

Now of course, I’m a Celt. I believe, like The Bard said,

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” – Hamlet (1.5.167-8).

Indeed, my life has been a recurring proof of that.

So when my Horoscope tells me this morning –

“You’re known for following your intuition more so than the other signs, so why change up the program?”

I’m going to listen.

Like starting that “eyes” campaign yesterday. It just felt right. So I went with it.

And it’s working.

For example, I have now received a photo of yet another beautiful set of eyes above the cover of FJM.

These belong to Debbie Droz, formally from Dallas, now from Florida.

What a pair of eyes. Mesmerizing, and just a bit intimidating. Perfect.

Now the lovely Debbie is married to one of my dear friends from the PWWC days, Ralph Droz.

Ralph was such a huge personality in my life, the type of handsome, charismatic charmer that you wanted to be jealous of, but just couldn’t be, that I could not omit him from Finding Jimmy Moran.

Debbie was more than a match for Ralph in every single way. Loved the story she used to tell about every young lady in Texas carrying a small pistol in their purses.

Now I don’t have any recent (or even old) photos of Ralph and Debbie, but in my memory – from the late 80’s when I visited them in Houston (and held their then baby son Mike) — they are both gorgeous. I mean, it’s just not fair kind of attractive. To give you a sense on how beautiful this couple is, I share with you a photo of their daughter, Madi(son):

Good luck with your business, Madi.

Check it out:

But I digress. . .

During the writing of FJM, Ralph was kind enough to allow me to use his real name for his character, instead of the one I was considering (threatening) – “Sylvester Sweetcheeks.”

Anyway, because Ralph was so accomodating, he received an early author’s copy of FJM for his troubles.

Now, by the look in Debbie’s eyes, if that look is a completely understandable response to the shenanigans of Ralph’s character in the book, in Ralph’s defense, FJM is a work of fiction. I swear it. 😉

The only truth I’ll cop to – gun to my head – is everything I said about Joe Serrano (the lead set of eyes from yesterday’s blog), under his fictional character’s name (which just happens to be the name of Lisa’s grandfather – yes, she has that Latin bloodline). Anyone who knew/knows Joe, will attest to everything that’s in there, but the rest I’m taking with me to my grave (or will be transplanted into that really amazing tall, muscular, thick-maned, handsome and anatomically correct (enhanced?) Tommy McCaffrey Android in 2035). I may go for the Thor model. Stay tuned.

However, it just could be that Debbie has figured out the eye riddle from Finding Jimmy Moran. And her photograph is her signaling to the rest of us mere mortals that she gets it. Time will tell.

Either way, thank you Debbie for your support of my writing and your contribution to the “eyes” marketing cause.

Anyone else out there who reads these blogs and can get their hands on a early copy of FJM, please send in those photos. Of course, I happily anticipate a flood of such photos come April 13, 2023.

Well, it’s now Sunday leading into Christmas week.

And, like Santa, I still have much work to do.

Lots of veggie and fruit prep for Claire, the gal that made this all possible (and her sister/PA Honey).

But before that I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and torture to engage in.

You fine, five readers nail down the last of your Christmas prep, and then put your feet up.

This is a magical time. Enjoy it.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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