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Finding Jimmy Moran Joins The MOS Literary Bookshelf – Welcome Joshua Redmyer

Yesterday I was on a mission. I ended up with just enough author copies to complete a photo shoot for the wonderful and beautiful Kerry F Freeman’s Books and Bevies promotion

Kerry is truly selfless and amazing. Thank you Kerry.

I also had a copy to deliver to the MOS Literary Bookshelf. The stars aligned as my dear friend Kyle Dooley — who appears as a character in the Hell’s Kitchen crossover chapter of FJM along with the main character, Madison Taylor, from that brilliant time-traveling series Passport To Terror, written by the talented author Christy Cooper Burnett — — was available for his photo shoot.

It’s not too early to mention that Christy and I will be sharing a booth at the LA Book Festival this April.

We will be there to sign and cross-sign each others books (and body parts) for anyone lucky enough to find our booth.

I have to say that Kyle has recovered brilliantly from his heart operation. I really believe it was my threat to do a Weekend At Bernies photo shoot with his corpse if he tried to skip past the veil that led to his robust recovery.

I will not show you the incredible photo I snapped for the B&B spread, which included a bottle of Bushmills that the Kyle character repeatedly pours Jimmy Moran in the bar scene, but I will share another photo I grabbed while Kyle and I were enjoying talking about writing with our newest regular to MOS and a new Claire fan, Joshua Redmyer. That is Josh and me in the introductory photo above. And this is Josh and the unkillable Kyle Dooley sitting at the bar.

Speaking of killing, I would kill for Kyle’s hairline. And yes, real men do wear beards.

Anyway, Josh is NoCo’s most recent transplant from NoCa. He is now on a mission to read TCT. Thank you Josh for your support, and yes, I will inscribe any and all copies of the books you may collect. You have my number.

I also got a moment to share with my dear friend and MOS manager, Lonnie Bell.

Lonnie is the mastermind behind the MOS Literary Bookshelf. It is slowly making its challenge to Paris’ Shakespeare & Co. , by establishing a collection of inscribed books donated by the various authors.
Any of you writers out there who want to donate an inscribed copy of your work, just inscribe it to Lonnie Bell, c/o Mike O’Shays at the address on their website and mail it in, or, even better, deliver it yourself the next time you are in NoCo.

And now, MOS has an inscribed copy of FJM in its collection. So if any of you Claire supporters don’t want to wait until April 13, 2023 to read the book, stop by Mike O’Shays on Main Street in Longmont Colorado, sit down with a meal, a few beers or Bushmills at the bar or table and read from the reserved copy sitting on the MOS Bookshelf. If you are lucky enough to spot Kyle or Lonnie in the bar, say hello. Kyle is the McCaffrey family expert when it comes to our books (Luke’s Lebanon Red is also on the shelf), and will regale you with lots of back stories and can discuss in the most minute detail anything related to The Claire Trilogy story and characters. He knows it better than I do.

Anyway, the dawn approaches, so I must get to my kitty cuddling, rounds and torture.

Then chores.

But it is Saturday, so the rest of you fine, five readers get to your Christmas preparations and then put your feet up, with or without a beverage, and maybe read a book.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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