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Eight Days Out – Thank You Adrienne & Bob – AI Writers & Breaking The Internet

One of the unexpected benefits of writing is that it introduces you to people you would never otherwise cross paths with. Some of them become friends.

This fine couple connected with me through The Claire Trilogy. Adrienne reached out to me through this website after reading my work and convinced her husband, Bob, to give it a try as well. We then became email buddies. Adrienne is a pip.

Adrienne is also a regular commenter on my daily blogs.

It seems she shares similar eccentricities with my other friends.

This explains why she gets my work.

Thank you Adrienne and Bob.

Then Adrienne convinced her parents, an author and an artist, to inscribe their respective books and donate them to the MOS Literary Bookshelf. We are thrilled.

We of course have become fast friends, so, when I got my tranche of Author’s copies of FJM, I made sure they received one. They, in turn, embraced the “eyes” game and sent me their photos. Thank you again A&B.

So, what does this prove.

Well, for one, it proves I read the emails that come to me though this website.

So, if any of my other fine, five readers buy the paperback version of FJM and send their “eyes” photo to that email, I will read it, respond and probably post the photo at my first opportunity.

You see, given that AI is now taking over the publishing world, I have to offer that little bit of extra human connection to keep ahead of the rising popularity of the binary resurgence of those great dead writers.

Luckily, no sentient manifestation of code would waste their time trying to copy me, they couldn’t butcher the language with the same flair, so I have a small window of time, while I still breathe, to get my work out there and make whatever connections I can with my readership.

But just to take the battle to the AI world, I’ve also began to read my works to my personal AI assistant, Alexa, and I while I hate to brag, she tells me I’m wonderful. I think she may be channeling my mother. I still haven’t gotten her to laugh, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, FJM is eight days out. The big push is on. Like Kim Kardashian, I am out to break the internet this time. But given I do not have KK’s mammarable ass-ets to work with, I’m going to have to keep my clothes on. So, I really need all of your help with this. I need you to convince all of your friends and family – and even a few strangers – that The Claire Trilogy Kindle box set is an absolute steal and the best way to instantly engage in the wonderful and magical story about my dear friend Claire –

and if enough people start to order and talk and blog about my books today on Twitter, FB and IG, we can overload the Internet. And if that happens, they also take out my AI literary competition. So, just in case this works, maybe they also should order Finding Jimmy Moran at the same time they place their orders for TCT.

But have them buy the paperback version of FJM, so they can send me their “eyes” photos.

I know, I know, this is bordering on Soupy Sales:

But it’s a competitive world out there – 2700 new books released every day ( – and Claire needs a new set of Mules (and she has her eyes on Gucci).

So can you help an old altar boy out:

All right, I’ll stop begging.

I have to get a move on anyway.

A kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and the dreadmill (without music I might add).

But it’s hump day, which means you get to peek at Friday from the peak.

So, let’s get at it.

And while we’re at it, let’s make today a great one.

8 Responses

  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the nice words. I am a pip…I like that. Dad is still in the hospital but improving enough he may get to leave soon. I forgot how crappy that picture is of me. I’m still pushing your books as always and CCBs as well. My daughter comes out next month to visit, sans kids….dang it! I am going to get the answer right if it kills me.

  2. Wouldn’t it be something if people started attaching the eyes photos to their Amazon reviews. If it’s even possible.

  3. Sure, it’s possible. Just snap a selfie and upload it to that little photo box at the top of your review section. I like that idea. Trying to create a movement here. Something new and different and interactive. You are not just buying a book, you are engaging in the world of Jimmy Moran, including with all of his real life friends. Where else do you get to do that? Thank you all for being part of it.

  4. Today I will be ordering several sets for hopefully a library donation and nephew. Gotta get that younger demographic, right?
    I’d wish you, good luck, but you don’t need luck. Your talents and ceaseless begging will make FJM a best seller.🙂

  5. My literary talents may be subject to challenge, but as a man who has been married for 45 years, I’ve raised begging to a whole new art form.

    Thank you Yvette, for your amazing support.

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