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Done And Dusted. . . And Knackered

Well, it’s done. My basement is clean. I started at 7 and finished the livingroom, kitchen and my office at around 11 am. Then I did the bathroom. Swept, vacuumed, and wiped down the mirrors, countertops, shelves and furniture.

Scrubbed the sink. I even wiped down the treadmill.

For the next day or so, it will remain looking clean, until the dogs going in and out of the house track all of the crap back in.

I’m not kidding, they track in a lot of crap.

As Lisa will confirm, so do I.

I always sweep before I vacuum and then wet swiffer. Not because I am OCD, but because Lisa actually has a white glove. And she’s not afraid to use it.

I was feeling pretty good, got a second wind. So, I went upstairs and vacuumed the entire first floor, moved the furniture and all. Then I cleaned the first floor bathroom and wiped down the kitchen and cleared the sink and ran the dishwasher, which I later emptied.

Am I housebroken or what?!

You see, cleaning does not come naturally to me. I can live in sqaulor. I’m a dude. It’s genetic. You should have seen Aunt Violet’s Flop House – which you can read all about in Finding Jimmy Moran.

It was a young man’s oasis. Paradise.

But as with anything else I dislike doing in life, I can put my head down and bull my way through anything as long as I can convince myself that there is an end to the project. And at some point, yesterday, I ran out of rooms, well, actually energy (I’m leaving the top floor – The Tower – to Lisa). I mean, really, I’m not a martyr.

For the record, for purely superstitious purposes, I did not dust my office. Will not do so until the sequel is written. But I did sweep, vacuum and swiffer that room. The office floor was beginning to resemble the barn’s.

But the rest of the basement, hallway, stairs – even the railing- and furniture was wiped clean. Spotless.

Of course, this morning I woke up with a major dose of sciatica. That furniture didn’t move itself.

Thank God for Aleve.

And the Universe rewarded my good deed with another day with TWA at No. 1. Thank you Mom.

I guess I’ll clean the basement again just before FJM drops in April. I told you, I’m really superstitious.

Well, it’s Monday again.

I woke up to -5 F this morning. Alexa told me it should warm to a balmy +5.

Perfect weather for a Monday.

So, I better put my head down and start bulling.

But first, I have to give Smokey some hot water with a warm breakfast and an extra long cuddle.

Then my rounds and some sweating on the clean treadmill.

Then work. Sigh. Hollywood, where are you?

But you fine, five readers have that second cuppa coffee. Then go out there and give the world as much shit as it can handle. Monday will learn it’s best to go easy on the humans. And it better never screw with the Fae.

Tuesday awaits.

But make today a great one.

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