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Cool Comfort

This last week has been stressful with TWA sitting in the number 1 spot. Dropping to 2 is almost a relief. You knew it was going to happen at some point, that is the merciless way of the Amazon ranking system, and now I can just relax and enjoy the fact that all three are happily together in the top 10. No pressure. Thank you all for your continued support.

I need to get an early start on today. I have to do my weeks fruit and veggie prep, early, with hopes that the outside temperature will rise high enough to allow me to pry loose a prodigious amount of frozen mule muffins in short window this afternoon before the sun leaves us and the temperatures drop again. That all needs to happen today because I need to bite the bullet and clean the basement tomorrow. Now that is a harrowing thought.

I would rather shovel frozen shit all day long than perform any kind of house cleaning.

I’m not a details kind of guy. And to do a great job at cleaning your house, the devil is in the details.

And Claire and Honey like to stop by the back door and taunt me while I sweep and vacuum and wash. They are like Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine, Cinderella’s step-sisters, laughing away while I toil.

Luckily, the vaccum sends the dogs scurrying upstairs.

And Lisa keeps a white glove available at all times for inspection purposes.

So any relief to the pressure I suffered waiting for the books ranking to sort itself out, has just been replaced by the pressure that is mounting by just the idea that I need to make the basement spotless tomorrow. Cool comfort indeed.

But the basement is my lair, I have let it go to seed while I focused on my law, writing and mules. It’s my mess to clean. No excuses.

Of course, if I win Lotto tonight all bets are off, and I will have hired a coterie of cute French maids (yes, I know, I’m toxically male) to handle the work for me. And I do mean real French, accents and all, I’ll fly them in on the private jet I will quickly purchase with my lotto winnings. Mon dieu!

It could happen.

But until that reprieve comes in, I need to get moving.

I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and some pre-torture on the treadmill.

Then the whole weekend’s chores in one day, just so I can clean tomorrow.


If there is no blog tomorrow, I’ve run away with my mules, and maybe my French maids.

Note to self – buy a big jet.

Stay tuned.

In the mean time, you fine, five readers take care of your Saturday chores, then enjoy the weekend.

But most of all, have a great day.

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  1. Christy, I figured, given what goes on in our collective Yin-Yang mind, that you would be flyiing the jet.

  2. As you are flying your jet over North central Kansas, do a couple of loops. The residual curly-cue vapor trail will hang there for several hours. It will give us something to contemplate besides our various farm, ranch & small-town chores and the semi-latent thoughts about the craziness in the cities, the inane people on TV and in politics. Yes, a clurly-cue in near-space would be a nice distraction.

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