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Congratulations Tom McCaffrey – Born Funny (Release date: 1/3/23)

No, not me, although it is well known that I talk to myself.

There is another Tom McCaffrey who not only hails from New York City, but is also a lawyer. And now an author. He was gleefully brought to my attention yesterday by my arch-frenemy, BC, who will do just about anything to knock me down a peg. BC has been regulating my ego since the early 70s. And I would not have it any other way. This is also why I have a penchant for naming characters after him just for the joy of brutally killing them. He appears as the Voldemort doppelganger in KMAG. He also is one of the main characters in Finding Jimmy Moran (under another name).

And Tom McCaffrey appears to be funny. Makes sense. Comes with the name. That’s him in the above photo.

What are the odds?

Anyway, his latest book, Born Funny, was released on January 3, 2023.

That looks like one of my Dad’s stationwagons on the cover. Looks like young Tommy hailed from Alphabet City. I too loved Irene Cara:

I wish Tom McCaffrey nothing but success. I hope he sells a million copies of his book. And then I hope I find out we were twins separated at birth (although he looks younger and better looking than me) and he revises his Last Will and testament and leaves everything to me. There can never be enough successful authors/lawyers from NYC named Tom McCaffrey.

Indeed, there are so few of us, we should be designated as a protected species.

I’ll give him his due, it takes a lot of balls to pursue a career in stand-up comedy in NYC. Well done Tommy.

So, while you fine, five readers are waiting for Finding Jimmy Moran to drop in April, assuming you have already (re)read TCT, grab a copy of Born Funny, and make two NYC lawyers/writers named Tom McCaffrey very happy.

Speaking of books, yesterday I managed to swing by Mike O’Shays and see to the installation of the latest addition to the Literary Bookshelf. Britain Our Way has now found its permanent home:

And the Assistant Manager, Lovely Jen, was thrilled to do the honors.

So thank you again, Barbara and Dwight Williams for inscribing your book and to your daughter, Adrienne Stuki, for arranging its donation. We are honored.

Well, that’s it for this morning’s news. Dawn approaches and I must flee.

But first, a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some torture.

Take solace my fine, five readers, as it is Thursday. If you spit, you’ll hit Friday.

So let’s make this day a great one.

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  1. This is cool. Thanks again. My folks originally went to GB because of the PBS show All Creatures. They really dreamt about splashing through that spot on the road during his vet visits at the beginning of the show. Mom and dad found that exact spot and splashed through it quite a few times. It’s the small things. They then fell in love with the whole place and returned at least a dozen times. They didn’t stick around London much. Even with it’s rich history, they were more interested in out of the way places. Probably didn’t find them all, but they found plenty.

    1. BTW….My last name is pronounced Stew-key not Stuck-key. Stucki is Polish and means Art in that language. Isn’t that interesting? I found out what it means from a young man who went on a Mormon mission to Poland many years ago.

  2. Adrienne, I love the original All Creatures Great and Small. Know exactly what splash you’re talking about. And my wife. Is Polish on her dad’s side, lol.

  3. Oh Tom, you flatter me — “arch-frenemy”? C’mon, I’m not worthy of that honor. I think I’m blushing. So to reciprocate and because I’m still filled with holiday spirit, when I come for you with the milk truck, I promise to make sure the front bumper is spiffy clean (beforehand) and to use my blinker as I veer toward you.

    Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  4. Thanks for that attention to detail BC, in keeping with the theme of this blog, the shiny chrome on the milk truck bumper should allow me to gaze lovingly at another Tom McCaffrey just before I cross the veil. But then I’m coming back for you. And you won’t be seeing St. Peter when you cross, but Virgil, and on this visit to hell, you don’t get Dante’s return trip ticket. I recommend settling at the second circle, Lust. Best view.

  5. LOL! You know, there are times when I think I should have “taken you out” with my ice cream truck back in the day. But then I remind myself that had I done that, we wouldn’t have all the great novels you’ve now written. But now that they’re written ….

  6. Wait, I still need to write the sequel! Where The Ley Lines Meet is on my list for this summer. So that warrants a reprieve.

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