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Congratulations Marissa Bañez On Her Debut Children’s Book “Hope and Fortune.”

I’ve mentioned in past blogs that, Marissa Bañez,

I’ve obviously been aging for the two of us.

a dear friend, that I used to work with back in the last century at the law firm Gold Farrell & Marks, has written a Children’s Book called Hope and Fortune.

Yesterday, this wonderful work went live for sale on all major retail outlets, including Amazon:

It is one of those books that should be a staple on any child’s bookshelf.

It is the type of book that teaches children important life lessons, and does it in a way that is enjoyable and interesting to even the youngest child. Adults can learn a thing or two as well. The twelve magical fairies the reader encounters are culturally diverse and accessible and their lessons easily comprehensible by any child (and most adults). The book’s visual presentation draws one in. I cannot recommend it strongly enough to anyone who has children, grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews. This book would be a welcomed addition to any library at the pre-school and grammar school level.

Well done Marissa. May you sell a million copies.

Marissa has another children’s book coming out on July 20, 2023, and a third in development.

I look forward to following her success as an author.

On that note, I woke up this morning to find The Claire Trilogy still floating in the top 10 on Amazon’s Humorous Dark Comedy list. Ephemeral, I know, but always a thrill.

I humbly thank my fine, five readers for their contribution to the cause. I hope you can support Marissa with equal gusto. I have a purely selfish reason for this request. The readers she captures will hopefully grow up to love reading and magic, which will have them primed for reading my books. Hook them when they are young and you have them for life.

Speaking of life, I better get to what’s left of mine.

But first, a kitty cuddle, my rounds and some torture.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the favorite day of the week.

Welcome Friday.

Make it a great one.

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