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Congrats Marissa Banez & Joe Barrett (And Welcome Chase W. Corry)

Marissa is a brilliant writer. She had an excellent weekend with a book signing for her debut children’s book, Hope and Fortune at a B&N in California. (A B&N Booksigning is on my bucket list)

And her second book, Hues and Harmony: How the Rainbow Butterfly Got Her Colors, is now up for presale.

Marissa is an amazing writer and I highly recommend her books for those with children and grandchildren. Need to get those young readers hooked, and these are two books that will do it.

Now this next author, Joe Barrett, is funny as fuck.

I loved his book Managed Care.

And now my next pleasure read will be his latest book, Semi Gloss. It’s all loaded in my Kindle.

Honestly, I cannot tell you enough how brilliant this writer is. I’m so fucking jealous of him.

Strongly recommend his books.

Congrats Joe and Marissa. May your books sell a million copies.

Anyway, it’s Monday again.

Lawyer life beckons. Hollywood, free me.

I better get moving.

Smokey was out there at 2 am, so I got kitty cuddle done and dusted.

But rounds need to be made and self-torture on the dreadmill awaits.

You fine, five readers get your heads down and let’s muddle through today.

Tuesday beckons.

No matter what else we do, let’s make today a great one.

Oh, and I must not forget.

BC and Nan Corry became grandparents with the birth of grandson Chase W. Corry

That’s Bradley Corry holding CWC.

Well done all. Word has it that mother and child are doing wonderfully.

Congrats to all. Chase, may your life be filled with health and happiness.

And if Grandpa offers to teach you how to drive a milk truck, refuse.

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  1. LOL! Thanks much for the shoutout over the arrival of our grandkid, Tom. I’ll be checking Amazon later today for toy milk trucks. Hope to combine that with a picture of my favorite novelist to begin his training as soon as he’s old enough to sit up.

    All the best with FJM and the movie pursuit!

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