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Comes In Like A Lion. . . .

Okay, I’m so over snow, but I take solace in the old saying about March – “Come’s in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”

The above photo is Claire and Honey having their dinner by Gepetto’s studio last night. The wind and snow were coming in from the north so the rubber bowls along the southern wall were protected from having their chopped fruits and veggies coated before it could be consumed. Snow is everywhere.

Also thrilled that C&H’s coats remain on, although I wish it would be worth catching Honey to hook up that belly belt that just hangs there doing nothing. But the other one remains secured and so the coat stays on. All that matters.

And now that we’ve seen the March Lion, we can look forward to the March Lamb.

Had an interesting hour or two yesterday where The Claire Trilogy showed up right next to each other at 2, 3, 4. A pleasant visual. I always wanted to see that.

They are still sitting comfortably in the top 6 this morning so I am thrilled.

Finding Jimmy Moran keeps dancing in and out of the top 100, but there’s still six weeks before it actually goes on sale, so I have high hopes.

I am so blessed by luck and so grateful for the support of my fine, five readers.

Okay, television show confession time. Lisa and I have been binge watching Emily In Paris on Netflix whenever the two of us get a moment together to put our feet up.

We had become fans of the wonderful actress Lily Collins when we saw her play Edith Bratt (future Mrs. T) in the 2019 film Tolkien, which I highly recommend to any JRRT fans.

Paris has been my favorite city since I fell in love with it during visit there in 2008. The show, EIP, showcases everything that is beautiful about that setting. It also has great writing and dialogue and acting. Voila. I highly recommend it for a mental vacation.

Well, my mind now has to return to the here and now.

Another work day awaits.

But it is Thurday, and I can do Thursday standing on my head.

You fine, five readers, go out there and wrap up your week so you can have a light Friday to look forward to.

I’m off for a kitty cuddle, my rounds and the dreadmill – which has really been kicking my ass.

Luckily, being Irish, I kind of enjoy the ass kicking. Doesn’t happen often.

But you all go out there and make today a great one.

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