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Classic McCaffrey Photo – Windows Of The Soul

I have seen that look on many a McCaffrey’s face over the years. Now for the record, Lucian’s last name is Mattiace (phonetically pronounced “Mattise,” like the painter), but that look is all McCaffrey.

That’s a “WTF You looking at” face.

We used to practice that face with each other as children and just that flash of a look often led to fistfights among the siblings.

It seems Lucian’s WTF. . . face came naturally to him. The strawberries and swelling are icing on the cake. That’s usually what my face looked like after I flashed my WTF look at Eddie. Good man, Lucian.

Speaking of faces, I have a few sets of very pretty eyes to add to my Finding Jimmy Moran collection.

First we have Kirsten, who provides a very short and cool looking blond haircut to accent her lovely eyes peering above the mystical eyes on the bookcover. I have to say, her eyes are pretty close. Thank you Kirsten.

Then of course we have my favorite magical Boston fan (via our US Suburb a/k/a Canada), Janice, sneaking in her subminal evil eye now that she has learned that I have inverted and used her Red Sox “B” – Jack The Spruce is keeping a very close eye on it – to place a hex on her favorite baseball team, so that they will never win another championship. This will make the Bambino curse look like a walk in the park.
Nonetheless, the photo is perfect and and those spellbinding eyes are a welcome addition to the FJM eyes gallery. Plus Janice and Brian get my weird sense of humor.
But I am up to date on my defense of the dark arts syllabus and have countered any negative mojo that may have been unleashed.

And I really could not waste such a wonderful photo, even if it’s of a legitimate Boston Witch.

Now that the future of the NY Yankees francise is properly protected, I can add that I received another wonderful book for the MOS Bookshelf collection from the wonderful Adrienne Stucki, not a known witch, whose talented parents Barbara and Dwight Williams teamed up to create this beautiful, fully-illustrated travelogue of their trips through Britain.

Britain Our Way

I absolutely love that dedication, given most of my travel is performed astrally from my armchair.

Now I know this book was edited by Adrienne’s sister, and that Adrienne owns the orginal drawing on its cover so that this was a family affair and carries all of that fine energy. I shall install it on the Mike O’Shays Literary Bookshelf at my first available moment this week. We are honored by this beautiful addition. Thank you Adrienne.

Well, I have actually cuddled the kitty and completed my rounds, so I just need to take care of the torture before office hours. So I better get moving.

You fine, five readers take solace in the fact that Monday is behind us. Welcome Tuesday!

Now make today a great one.

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  1. I am so glad you received this in what looks like fine shape. I love the dedication also. Hey Tom….do all these book donations by my family earn me a signed hard copy of FJM so I can send in my eye picture? I understand the reason behind those pictures. As for Lucian, He is a McCaffery. Enough said. No insensitivity here, just lots of empathy. Love , light and magic to all. AWS

    P.S. You can call me a witch. I have been called worse.

  2. Adrienne. I don’t have a hard copy but, I tell you what, I will inscribe and send you the entire set of paperbacks. Then you’ll owe me the eye photo.

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