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Claire The Magnificent.

Yesterday, during a short break in the well needed but still oppressive deluge NoCo has been subjected to these past few weeks, Claire and Honey came out of the barn and performed their rounds, including on the front property. I just happened to be out checking on the hook-up for the front lights when I heard an appreciative magical hum coming from the front and spotted Claire passing some of the gnomes, who are always in awe of her. Claire was heading west to check on the west fencing perimeter while she still had the weather break.

Claire is very diligent in her guard duties and when she isn’t just grazing or foraging, she keeps an eye on the property. Part of it is that she is very protective of Honey, Claire’s mini-mule assistant, sister and confidant. The other part of it is that Mules are wonderful guard creatures. Lots of ranchers use them to guard their herds of sheep and cattle.

While Claire is completely docile around any child I have left her with – including all of my grand children – and she has always been a perfect lady when any adults have come by to visit – I’ve seen her sprint across the property snorting like a bull at full gallop whenever she sees predators along the fence lines. Which is why I never worry about going out on the property in the dark.

Claire will also come over to the fence to greet anyone who stops by to say hi. Honey keeps her distance.

Nevertheless, the lawyer in me likes to offer the general public a word to the wise, should anyone decide it’s a good idea to climb over any of my perimeter fences for an unannounced visit.

Okay, with that PSA behind me, Monday is again upon us.

I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and torture to engage in.

But at least it is not raining.

You fine, five readers go on out there and take on the week.

Be happy.

And make today a great one.

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