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Can’t Beat A Haunting Mist

There are these stretches along Route 287 that dip and catch and hold the morning mist better than anywhere else I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, like yesterday morning after dropping Lisa at work, I spotted this stretch along 287 N between Longmont and Berthoud where the mist set like cotton candy draped across these entire fields, so I had to pull over and snap some photos.

To me, it felt like the earth was hinting at the fall. It brought to mind my favorite holiday, Halloween.

Of course any imagination worth its salt would evoke images of hordes of zombies or ghosts rising out of that mist. Which is why it is always best to take your shots quickly and go. I don’t ever want to be the star in that first scene of a horror film. The local sheriff pulls up behind my empty car idling with the driver’s side door still ajar. (“When is a door not a door?” He asks the nervous deputy sitting next to him.)

Seriously, that last shot screams Children of the Corn.

NoCo is a place that has really stirred my imagination.

Weird shit happens all of the time. For example, yesterday evening Lisa and I were sitting in the living room at the end of the day, watching a movie on IFC. The film was interesting enough. But it was no where near as interesting as the flies that were hanging around annoying the shit out of my wife.

We are towards the end of fly season, and where you have animals you have flies.

Of course they love to wait around the doorways and rush into the house at every opportunity.

I refuse to kill them, despite Lisa’s recurring threats to kill me if I don’t. Her attitude about flies may be the reason they love to torment her. She has slowed down a bit, so she rarely swats them out of the air. She has opted for using glue traps, which I make her deal with, so that my conscience remains clear.

People tell me how disgusting they are. I get it. I’m constantly fishing them out of my coffee cup. Who knew they were, like me, caffeine addicts. But I won’t kill them. Not my call. If one of the many spiders that share my home happen to catch a few, well, that’s nature isn’t it. I take a laisse faire approach to pest control.

Well, during the film yesterday, three separate flies, obviously exhausted from avoiding Lisa’s swats, simultaneously took a breather on one of my legs, which just happened to be crossed over the other in my recliner.

What was even more interesting is that they held their pose long enough for me to reach over, grab my phone and snap a photo.

There was something very symmetrical in the formation. Like they were part of a fibonacci sequence in the golden ratio. I accepted it as the mystical message it was meant to send. Luckily they moved before Lisa could make a move.

Maybe the flies were telling me to get out of there before the zombies showed up. Or before Lisa got me.

It really must be hell for a human to live with me.

Well, it’s Sunday. I have more chores to do.

So I better get at it.

First my kitty cuddle and the rounds.

But you fine, five readers get out there and enjoy your day of rest.

Maybe read a book.

But, whatever you do, make today a great one.

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  1. Wait till twilight to get the flies. They will roost like birds but on your ceilings.

    A long handle vacuum does the trick rather than swatting the buggers.

    An electric fly swatter does the trick during daylight hours & zaps them like a small tennis contraption.

    There is also mini-wasps for sale that eat fly larvae & that keeps the maggots down too.

    I learned these ‘tricks’ when my musician Brother was working on a horse ranch in Pa above Lake Wallenpaupack in the 90’s.

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