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Blogging is like going to the writer’s gym.  I get to tell silly stories about whatever comes into my head at 2 am, with the hope that by repeatedly stringing a bunch of sentences together in a half coherent way, it will provide me with the mental muscle memory needed to knock off another novel.  So far, so good.  Stay tuned and keep on coming back for a laugh or two.  You might actually get to know me (now there’s a scary thought).  I’m an open book. 

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Saturdays Are Busy.

I am so jealous of my buddies in the OFC and a number of my other contemporaries. Most are retired. They keep busy. They travel.

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My Bodyguard

Claire is extremely bright. She knows where to look for me when she wants to find me. If I don’t respond to her banging on

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Relationships Matter

That’s the Canadian writer Sheila E. Young. Her book “Mac” is an amazing, action-packed adventure that has a solid Irish Catholic favor that instantly appealed

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