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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Minus 7 degrees fahrenheit even looks cold.

Bundled up in multiple layers and heavy duty boots and gloves before venturing out to feed the mules. Claire met me at the side gate. I stopped to rub the snow off her forehead. I then showed her their breakfast and she followed me down to the barn, where Honey waited patiently.

I knocked the thick snow off their giant rubber dishes and brought them inside the barn and loaded them up, and also tossed a five pound bag of carrots on the hay for added fuel this morning. It sucks being cold. It sucks worse being hungry and cold.

My prayers go out to any creature, human or otherwise that may be either, or worse, both.

Luckily, the mules’ natural coats are thick and warm, their man-made winter coats are top of the line, and the barn heaters are working.

I left them happily munching away in the barn.

Honey was hidden off to the left. Claire always stands closest to the doorway.

You do what you can do and then you say a prayer.

Even with the heavy gloves my fingers are tingling as I type.

Well, I’m praying the rest of my day gets warmer – I hear it will rise to a balmy Zero degrees.

It’s fitting that this is the Winter Solstice. The longest night. It can only get better from here.

I have my candles burning, my intentions listed.

Fingers crossed.

And now I have to go make sure Smokey made it through the night.

Hope Smokey stayed in the heated bomb shelter.

Extra hugs and cuddles for him/her/them this morning.

Hot water in the water dish. Top of the line dry and wet food.

We’ll get through this longest night.

Then my rounds, the horses will need that treat today.

And then the torture. Good for the waistline. Good for the soul.

But you fine, five readers bundle up and have that coffee thermos handy.

Christmas is within arms reach.

Have a fantastic new day.

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  1. If Smokey isn’t in her bomb shelter, she is in the barn. BTW…put hay or straw in the bomb shelter not blankets. The first two don’t freeze, blankets do. Will Smokey allow you to pick her up? If so, you might check her for fleas, ticks, ear mites and other vermin. De-worm her a couple times a year to keep her at her best, if she will let you.

  2. It’s beautiful to see the caring relationship you have with all your outside family.
    Stay warm!
    And after the winter solstice, we have Erin’s birthday-a great day🙂

  3. Yvette. Wish Erin a very Happy Birthday from me. May all of her wishes come true.

    Vincent: given the alternative, I’m taking your advice. Have a great day.

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