The Wise Novelist

The September 23 Problem

There’s been a lot of buzz about tomorrow – September 23. Some of it is kind of cool, like the beginning of a seasonal meteor shower: “The tau Cancrids (TCA) are a weak shower with a long activity period of seven weeks. They are active from September 23 through November 12 with maximum activity occurring on October […]

Getting Along Is Not That Hard

More importantly, neither group seemed to mind the almost human waiter who kept replenishing their dishes. It was one big sweet fest. Maybe they were drunk on the potent East Cost honey we have been serving. As I served the dishes, I could hear them buzzing away in what may have been comradery. Maybe they […]

Tom Connelly Saves The Day

I mentioned my latest trials and tribulations locating hay for my magnificent mules. Well, meet Tom Connelly, the man who saved the day for Claire & Honey, by providing me with 20 bales to keep them happy through the first part of autumn. Indeed, Claire came down to greet Tom while we were unloading the […]

Time To Gather The Hay

I’ve been blessed by a rainy summer which provided Claire & Honey plenty of grass to graze on Casa Claire. It’s also given them lots of tree leaves to forage. I haven’t had to supplement their greens with hay. My last delivery of hay was in the Spring, and I pretty much used up the […]

McCaffreys In The Library (Who Would Have Believed It?!)

If you are new to my blogs you probably haven’t heard this story, but yesterday made me think of it again. When I was a young man I came across a book by an author named Anne McCaffrey. Its title was Dragonflight. I was instantly fascinated that someone from my extended Clan – we all […]

Hats Are Cool

When you start losing your hair, you learn to adapt to wearing hats all the time, or risk terrible sunburns, or worse. The one above – CE5 Contact – is my latest addition to my collection. You can find it on: Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of […]

New Moon Apex

Another beautiful, clear, starry night. Vincent van Gogh would wet himself. Not sure what happened here. If you notice, only some of the stars are shifting. If it was because I was moving the camera, they would all shift. Well I was asking for a sign at the time. CE5 – Dr. Greer kinda thing. […]

New Moon Cycle -WTLLM

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. It is a great time to manifest. Anything is possible. It’s also a perfect time for contemplating the universe. I sat outside this morning on the back deck just star gazing. Saw three shooting stars before Lisa woke up and joined me outside. I used this time […]