Perfect Profile

Caught the above photo by pure accident. I was coming out the back door yesterday to bring Claire and Honey some carrots. I don’t remember snapping a photo. I was surprised when I spotted it among the photos this morning. For some reason it captured the anthropomorphic feel I get from my interactions with Claire. […]

Love The Repeat Customers – Like Carolyn Whitehead

As you all know by now, I read my reviews. I love my reviewers, especially the ones who make the time to write a review for each book. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take any review, as many as I can get, from each and every reader who makes the time to read my stories. […]

Hump Day Is Fine By Me

I have to admit. I was getting worried yesterday as TWA was sliding to the #4 slot. I know, it’s stupid. But it’s my addiction and I own it. The other three books and the combined TCT set are all hanging in the top 25 in my tiny genre of Kindle Dark Humo[u]r, but its […]

Happy Memorial Day

While we are all out there enjoying ourselves today with family, friends and fun, let’s take a moment to remember the men and women whose ultimate sacrifice allow us the freedom to do so. Let’s also remember those that are presently working today (and every day) as first responders and in the military who continue […]

Grandpa’s Boys.

Anyone who has read my work knows that I love crews. There is a local crew of members of my demographic that have grown up with each other in the Berthoud area. They gather at Grandpa’s Cafe in Berthoud most mornings to have some coffee, maybe breakfast, and to shoot the shit. Some arrive in […]

Love Long Weekends – Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer (actual start date, June 21st – Back in the Bronx, this is the weekend when the RNH Pool opens, and everyone who didn’t have a summer house in LI or NJ, would stake out their tables with their coolers and towels and toys, and […]

The Little Things

Picked Lisa up from Denver International yesterday morning and brought her home. Poor girl was exhausted from a sad four days. Luckily, Claire and Honey were out front waiting for us under the shade of The Old Man when we arrived back at Casa Claire. Honey was taking a nap. Claire, as is her way, […]

A Great New Way To Select Books – When you are starting your literary career at the back end of your sixties, you have to work overtime trying to get your name out there. You must build your brand quickly or the readers move onto the next hot ticket without you. But luck will play into it if you allow yourself to […]

A Motley Crew

Motley Crew Indeed. Came across this old photo of most of the Riverdale friends and family that made the trip to Jamestown, NY, in July 1978 to attend Lisa and my wedding. Most of them ended up as the basis for characters in Finding Jimmy Moran. Not everyone who made the trip made it into […]

Rest In Peace Leslie Wallen

Yesterday evening, my wife’s twin sister, Leslie Wallen, crossed the veil. Leslie had been doing poorly as of late, and the sisters had all made their trips in from around the country to see her. Lisa got on the red eye Sunday night in order to make it to Buffalo, and then Erie, yesterday morning. […]