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August’s Blue Super Moon

Went outside around 2:30 am to feed Claire and Honey. It was almost as bright as day.

Really magical and amazing. I could feel the moon’s energy.

Of course I had my intention candle and incense burning.

I got a lot riding on this moon.

I also immersed myself in its healing energy and surrendered whatever I have left of a soul (after almost 4 decades as a NY lawyer) to the silvery moon light.

As of yesterday evening, Where The Ley Lines Meet is now safely in the hands of Reagan Roth.

Time to manifest.

But now I’m going back outside for another dose of this Blue Super Moon energy. I’ll sit out in my chair with my feet grounded, and think of my intentions for TWA, AAA, KMAG, FJM & now WTLLM. The Claire Saga is ready for primetime. Hollywood, come find your next blockbuster franchise.

But I won’t just sit and wait.

With any luck, I’ll be joyriding with ET.

But that’s another story.

Today is Thursday. Really the last business day before Labor Day Weekend.

Piece of cake.

You fine, five readers can do it in your sleep.

But after a little moon bathing (to use Morticia’s term), I’ll cuddle a kitty and then do my rounds.

You fine, five readers go out there with visions of weekend bliss in your eyes.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. As I drove home last night, across the Mario Cuomo Bridge (formerly known as the Tappanzee Bridge) from visiting my cousins in NJ, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of the beauty and power of the moon. I found myself whispering a prayer and no not to the MAN IN THE MOON. The moon appeared to be so large and so close as if it was settling down to sit right there above the Hudson River. I did pray to God, I prayed that He would keep all my loved ones safe and healthy. Everyone can think and feel whatever they choose to accept and believe about the celestial objects we get to view with our naked eyes but I think we all need to admit that there is a power, an entity, that we should acknowledge and respect.

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