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Another Aussie Joins The MOS Shelf

CS Hughes is a wonderful writer from Down Under whose works I came across on Twitter. His book of short stories – fables as they were meant to be told –

would make the Grimm Brothers smile.

So, when I arrived for an early afternoon dinner at my favorite restaurant, Mike O’Shays, I was thrilled to learn from the proprietor extraordinaire, Lonnie Bell, that an inscribed copy of CSH’s work had arrived. It became the tipping point that commands a second level to the existing bookshelf.

We are thrilled by its presence.

I also highly recommend CSH’s poetry. Very classical in form, vocabularly and substance. Very Edgar Allan Poe meets the Romantics. It’s consistently good. Check him out, you can find him on Twitter. @InkDilettante.

Well, yesterday was the first day that actually hinted at Spring on Casa Claire.

That meant that while Claire and Honey grazed . . .

and slept . . .

I got to shovel mule muffins, pack and hang hay bags and refill troughs.

Thank God for my ALeve.

But the nice weather allowed me to get it all done early enough to grab early dinner at MOS, and then crash in my recliner while March Madness played itself out on TV. Since I didn’t have a favorite this year, it was nice to watch the games without any feeling of desperation.

I miss watching my daughter play D1 ball.

Well, the new work week is upon us, so I have to get moving.

I have a kitty to cuddle, rounds to make and the dreadmill.

But let’s give Monday a chance at redemption.

Maybe this week, it will be the first to lead the magic parade.

You fine, five readers go out there expecting nothing but the best, and accepting nothing less.

But most of all, make today a great one.

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  1. Kerry, cannot wait for your wonderful book, Sedona, to hit the market. Looking forward to your release of the Books & Bevies ad for Finding Jimmy Moran. You rock.

  2. Mark, right. Shit shoveling never ends. Especially for a lawyer. For everyone else, Mark Lafayette is a colleague and dear friend from our Gold Farrell & Marks days. He was nice enough to allow me to base the Assistant US Attorney character in TWA on him. I think I nailed it.

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