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I’m an old dog, junk-yard pedigree, a litigator by profession, and a consummate New Yorker.  In 2017 my wife and I moved to the outskirts of a small town in Northern Colorado and settled in, slowly.  It was truly life on Mars, in equal parts disconcerting and wonderful, although the people (and animals) out here are only the latter.  However, this cosmic shake-up — along with a casual encounter with a magical beast — reanimated my creativity genes, and voila, The Wise Ass, my first novel in an over-the-top trilogy was born.  Thanks to you five readers, and a few others, TWA has been a repeated best-selling top contender on a number of Amazon’s  Lists.   I am thrilled by each new review posted on Amazon and other literary sites.  I read them all.

The Second Book of the Claire Trilogy, An Alien Appeal, was released on December 23, 2021 and is also a top best seller on Amazon.  It has been getting rave reviews.

The Third Book of the Claire Trilogy, whose title is the acronym KMAG, published on March 24, 2022, is available from BRW, Amazon and other major distributors.  It too debuted as an Amazon  Best Selling New Release.  Claire is thrilled!

All three books – which are referred collectively as The Claire Trilogy – are available in Audible format as well, for those of you who would rather listen to a wonderful narrator share my stories.

My fourth book, Finding Jimmy Moran, is the prequel to The Claire Trilogy, published on April 13, 2023, remained an Amazon  #1 New Release for its first month and remained a bestseller ever since.  It is available online with all other major distributors like B&N and Walmart.  FJM, like the others, is also available in Audible.

The fifth and final book in The Claire Saga  (which consists of The Claire Trilogy and its prequel, Finding Jimmy Moran), and the sequel to it all is entitled, Where The Ley Lines Meet.  It will be published on June 27, 2024.

I should also mention that one of my Essays, Bronx Irish Born, appears in the Colin Broderick literary collection of Irish writers, The Writing Irish Of New York.

If you want an inscribed copy (always my preference), Colin is more than happy to accommodate you:

I also have a recorded Podcast on the Carnegie Hall segment of, of me reading my short essay Real Writers Weep:

There is an article in which I am included in The Fordham Lawyer magazine in early 2022:

There is also an author interview regarding An Alien Appeal in the November/December Uncaged Books on-line magazine: click here to have a look.

I was also blessed by having this really cool on-line magazine – LA Voyages – post an interview.

They liked this one so much, they did a second one:

In the meantime, check out my blogs, which detail some of the stories from my misspent youth – and include a whole cast of characters for whom fiction could not do justice.

Finally, check out my son Luke McCaffrey’s debut novel, Lebanon Red, an action adventure that can be purchased from BRW, Amazon & B&N.

Good luck Luke.


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